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Only $17 Speaker Success Bundle - Start with your mindset and this powerful meditation recording

(I’ve either worked with them or been to their events)

Speaking Success Mindset Meditation - This it the meditation Tricia takes her 1:1 clients through to prepare them for success before they ever take any stage. You can begin visualizing your success now and when the stage appears, you’ll be ready. Being a speaker is like being an athlete, your mindset and visualization is paramount to your success. (Valued at $97)

Gain access to the documentary short of Tricia’s TEDxLincolnSquare event, where you can see what it’s like without being there. Seeing how an event is produced will calm your nerves and prepare you for what to expect when you decide to take your stage. (Valued at $15)

And when you are ready...as you start applying to big stages, you will want to look for the best stages, the ones that Tricia personally put speakers on and the stages that she qualifies as excellent. And when they ask how you learned about their event, saying “from Tricia”, will certainly never hurt. (Valued at $37)

Speaker Success Bundle Valued at ($149) For only $17

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LeRon Barton
TEDxWilsonPark Speaker, Author & Advocate

"The Great thing about working with Tricia is that she challenged me to make my speech more personal, to make it more in-depth. To bring people into the world of the young, Black man."

Theresa Nguyen
Speaker and Founder of More Time More You

"Tricia has helped me go from feeling like an amateur to “hell yeah, I’m good at this!” She is SO FANTASTIC at what she does. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, consider yourself lucky."

Jason Harris
CEO of Mekanism

"Working with Tricia has enabled me to think about speaking in an entirely fresh way. Her methods in the art of the big talk changed my approach to writing and speaking. Being vulnerable and radically honest with the audience, creates powerful and memorable presentations. I will be applying this process in all my future talks."